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Welcome to Sakhrat al-Janoub Contracting Est. (SAJMEP). We are venturing to provide world satisfaction when it comes to comfortability and investment in air conditioning, energy-saving,
smart control, business and human protection. Sakhrat al-Janoub Contracting Est. (SAJMEP) is dedicated to carrying out all types of electro-mechanical construction and facility management works.

The main task of Sakhrat al-Janoub establishment is to reach the ultimate satisfaction for our stakeholders in providing them smooth and efficient construction and facility management services. The company is responsive to the emerging needs of the stakeholders evident on its commitment
to facilitate electro-mechanical works to attend sudden breakdowns and troubleshooting.

We extend our gratitude for your interest to try our services. We live up to the company’s motto:

“Providing you Professional & Quality Construction and Facility Management Services.”

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We believe that business growth comes from dealing with our clients with business ethics,


Provide enhanced quality services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers.


SAJMEP is committed to its sustainability as one of the leading contractors in the electromechanical field


Our mission is to continue to provide high-tech, environmentally friendly electromechanical services

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