Electromechanical works

What is electromechanical?
Electromechanics or Electromechanics Electromechanics is a science that combines electrical, mechanical and electronic technologies, and, accordingly, it mixes electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Application of electromechanical energy and its invention in the field of electromechanical energy

Electromechanical functions and fields
Electromechanical works, tuning and maintaining machines and tools that have mechanical, electrical and electronic properties. If our societies do not work in electrical engineers, they are present in all sectors, and in various institutions, such as factories, security services, transportation companies, agriculture, health meetings, construction sites, power generation plant, mechanical workshops, etc.

Electromechanical companies
The achievements of a group of companies and contracting specialized in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering, plumbing work for buildings and infrastructure, and contracting for installation, installation, testing, installation, and maintenance of all electromechanical projects. Among the companies specialized in electromechanical works, we mention the following:

A– Electrical work
With regard to electrical work,
Lighting and emergency systems.
Electrical installations.
• MV converters and substations.
Medium and Low Current Distribution Boards
• Voltage control systems.
Medium and Low Current Distribution Networks.
CCTV systems

B– Mechanical works
Regarding mechanical works,
Pumping and water treatment plants.
• Installing and maintaining heating and cooling systems.
• Installing and repairing water networks and sewage systems.
• Installation of central air conditioning and ventilation systems repair.
Torrent draining networks.
Irrigation and drainage projects.
Detection, alarm and firefighting systems.
Electromechanical skills
In the field of mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, Electromechanical is the specialist in machinery maintenance and repair. Save their role in carrying out their role in performing electrical maintenance work, encouraging loader, checking and changing mechanical parts … In addition to that they treat electromechanical with all checks that reach to identify faults, such as overheating of machines or deformation or corrosion of their parts, while carrying out tests and measures
In addition to the tasks related to repair, the electromechanical specializes in everything related to installation and installation, such as installing corporate protection systems, fire alarm systems, air conditioners, water and electricity channels, and others. This brings together an experienced electromechanical, speed of implementation, accuracy on the one hand, and night. Smart, efficient, and helpful.