Fire alarm systems

Fire accidents are considered one of the most common accidents, whether in homes or in institutions and public spaces, so special devices of various types have been developed to exercise the task of sensing fires before they erupt and develop in the place, and then the early warning is launched, these devices are what we call fire alarm devices.

Importance Fire alarms

We all know that the smoke detector used to warn of fire in a room or building is one of the basic and necessary devices in our time, despite the low cost of these Devices and ease of installation and activation (about US $ 20), it protects against the risk of a fire that may destroy the property of an entire institution. This device works through a 9-volt battery or through a home electricity provider.

Mechanisms The work of a fire detection device

The fire detector relies mainly on a “photodiod” that is affected by fire-related products such as fumes, gases, flames or heat, so that if the light reaches the photodiod the electronic circuit emits an alarm bell with a loud sound, and that is basically the mechanism of work of the fire alarm, as the device contains a normal light beam that is issued From a light-emitting diode (LED) installed at the end of a cylindrical tube, and at an angle of ninety degrees another cylinder branched at the end of a photodiode. In the event of a thick smoke in the room, this smoke will enter from the opposite side of the cylinder installed by the light source and will disperse the light to fall On the Photodiode and thus the electronic circuit will be activated, which in turn will sound the siren.

Ingredients Fire detection

Fire alarms consist of three main parts:…

1-The electrical board


3- Sarin or alarm bell

Types of fire alarms:

Alarm systems detect fire and try to control it, and are divided into two systems:

أ‌- النظام العادي Conventional System :

It is a system based on that the group of reagents connected to each other in a specific area gives an alarm in this area or area, and accordingly the security man or those charged with the safety of the building go to this area to discover the exact location of the fire and then take measures the crisis.

ب‌- النظام المعنون Addressable System:

It is a system that relies on the group of reagents connected in a specific area or building to automatically capture numbers or names of places and regions where the detector is located, so that when a fire appears on the control panel, the location of the fire is set automatically, as the control panel shows the detector number and the name of the area The hour of the fire.

ويظل مجال أنظمة إنذار الحريق حقلا رحبا يزيد اتساعا مع تطور التكنولوجيا وارتفاع الحاجة إلى الأمن ومضاعفة سبل السلامة، خاصة وأن موضوع الحرائق هو من المشاكل التي لا يمكن وضع حد نهائي لها، سوى التعزيز من الأدوات المساعدة على التقليل من هذا المشكل وتقليص الخسائر الناتجة عنه.